About Us

The Air Force provides numerous K-12 STEM outreach opportunities across more than 40 locations each year. Our Airmen, both military and civilian, serve as mentors, science fair judges, and guest speakers. They also provide tours, hands-on demonstrations, and many other learning opportunities for local schools. The Air Force also partners with national K-12 STEM outreach programs to make these outstanding opportunities available to K-12 students both on base and in local communities.

In 2019, Air Force K-12 STEM Outreach Program Impacted More Than:

Students Impacted 550,000


Teachers Impacted 23,000


Events Supported 3,000


Volunteer Hours 130,000

Volunteer Hours

Goals and Objectives

The Air Force STEM strategic roadmap, Bright Horizons, sets the path for all STEM activities in the Air Force. The Air Force K-12 STEM outreach program directly supports Bright Horizons Goal 4 “Outreach,” which focuses on increasing the STEM talent pool in the Air Force.

Goals & Objectives